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The Tune Squad is a group of musicians who have been pleasing crowds in various bands for decades. Headed by Squad Leader Warren McGuire, the group adjusts to each venue to ensure that a good time is had by all.

The Tune Squad can be configured to fit any occassion, venue and budget. Our popular trio format can keep a crowd jumping for an entire evening. Larger formats can provide that extra sonic atmosphere that can fill a big house with just the right sounds to keep the entire audience engaged.

Warren McGuire

Alias: Squad Leader W
Home: Shelton
Plays: Vocals, Guitar
Resume: LiQuid Sister, Starving Artists, Hot Wired, Funkestra, The Buzzereds...
Quote: The kidneys be mine!

Randy Stone

Alias: Doctor Stone
Home: Easton
Plays: Vocals, Bass
Resume: LiQuid Sister, Dada Banks, No Expectations, The Buzzereds...
Quote: Rye Toast?

Dan Griffin

Alias: Danny
Home: Waterbury
Plays: Vocals, Drums
Resume: D W Blues Band, Starving Artists, Revolver...
Quote: That Safeway song...

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